Being prepared means being ready for any challenge. When you give to Scouting, you help Kansas City Scouts put into action the skills that will prepare them for life.



No organization delivers adventure and values like Scouting. It’s the heart of what we do. And right here in the Heart of America Council, our Scouts are prepared to become successful, responsible adults. 

When you give to Scouting, 100% of your investment stays right here in Kansas City to benefit thousands of Scouts and their families annually.

The Cost of Scouting

$9,668 per day to maintain and operate the H. Roe Bartle and Theodore Naish Scout Reservations

$437,000 in annual financial assistance to support Scouting families

$150,000 in Camp Staff College Scholarships each summer

$178,000 in accident and liability insurance per year

Kansas City Scouting

By the Numbers

Scouting Works

For three years, a research team from Tufts University worked with the BSA to measure the character attributes of both Scouts and non-Scouts. The differences were striking.

Scouts are significantly more likely than non-Scouts to embrace values like “helping others” and “doing the right thing”

The Results


The more time kids spend in Scouting, the better the outcomes in character development.


Scouts are more likely to embrace positive social values than non-Scouts.


Scouts who are engaged and spend more time in the program were more hopeful, helpful, obedient, cheerful, kind and trustworthy.

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